Work In Progress Podcast

Naira Perez is a WIP: from Logistics and Supply Chain to Digital Marketing

April 28, 2021 Dana & Angela
Work In Progress Podcast
Naira Perez is a WIP: from Logistics and Supply Chain to Digital Marketing
Show Notes

Naira's Career Change
Naira's career trajectory took a turn when she switched from a logistics and supply chain management major to a digital marketing specialist; her curiosity in data has driven her to different places and now she uses that love and curiosity to help small to medium clients achieve their marketing goals.

Episode Timestamps
01:45 Introducing Naira
02:48 Naira’s decision to pursue something different than what she studied
04:44 How long has she been active in marketing
06:02 Naira’s first marketing job
07:31 Transitioning from direct response marketing to digital marketing 
11:58 Differences between her old career and her new one
16:37 Coming to realise Naira wanted to be her own boss
18:10 Starting your own company VS switching to another one
19:48 Naira’s plan of starting her own business
24:23 The importance of having a mentor/someone to look up to
25:27 What the heck is social media advertising anyways?
28:55 Marketing on a shoestring budget
30:09 What kind of marketing services do people with varying budgets get? 
33:38 Naira’s typical clientele
36:49 Naira’s advice to up and coming entrepreneurs with minimal following 
40:20 Essential steps towards building a viable marketing campaign
44:56 Naira’s tips on how to identify and connect with your target audience 
48:09 Highlights and lowpoints of Naira’s career journey
51:31 Naira’s vision for the future of her company
55:36 Naira’s social links

About Naira
Naira has over two decades of marketing experience. She got her start in direct response advertising, building brands on TV  before digital was even a thing.
Her main areas of expertise include developing digital marketing strategies, identifying customer patterns and behaviors on and offline, and optimizing  ROI through generating qualified leads, better processes, and effective planning and execution. 

Where to find Naira: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn


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