Work In Progress Podcast

Kaylee Llewellyn is a WIP: from Product to Developer within the Tech industry

April 14, 2021 Dana & Angela
Work In Progress Podcast
Kaylee Llewellyn is a WIP: from Product to Developer within the Tech industry
Show Notes

Kaylee's Career Change
Kaylee went from a less technical product role to an app-core developer role; her mission as a woman in tech is to share her story and help other women find their path in the tech industry.

Episode Timestamps
01:16 Introducing Kaylee
02:43 Has Kaylee always wanted to be a software engineer
03:45 Looking for a new job
04:53 The Grace Hopper Conference
07:26 Kaylee’s first internship offer
13:03 How far deep into her first job did Kaylee start looking for a new one 
15:55 Landing a new job and leaving the old one
19:16 The interview process of an internally moving employee
21:05 Was Kaylee’s blog made before or after moving positions
23:23 Kaylee’s challenges as a new team member
25:00 Building relationships
27:24 Challenges of being 100% remote
30:52 Kaylee’s current job’s learning curve
32:23 Reaching out for help in a brand new environment
36:37 On experiencing self-doubt
38:21 Leveraging knowledge of other programming languages during interview
39:28 First step into learning a new programming language
40:21 Kaylee’s previous position in retrospect
41:47 Women are often presented with less technical tasks 
43:09 Dealing with moving to a job you didn’t expect
44:23 Communicating with your manager your lack of satisfaction with your current role
45:23 On workspace buzzwords
46:56 Female representation in lead tech positions
48:49 Kaylee’s podcast
49:53 Kaylee’s social links

About Kaylee
Kaylee is a software engineer working at a fintech company remotely from Vermont in a log cabin. She has a huge passion for diversity and inclusivity in STEM and her blog - Just a Coder Thing is dedicated to career tips and sharing her experience as a woman in tech.

Where to find Kaylee: Website, Podcast, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn


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