Work In Progress Podcast

Hillary Bennett is a WIP: from 9-to-5 Corporate to Mompreneur and Podcast Host

March 03, 2021 Dana & Angela
Work In Progress Podcast
Hillary Bennett is a WIP: from 9-to-5 Corporate to Mompreneur and Podcast Host
Show Notes

Hillary's Career Change
From a corporate 9-to-5 to a motivated mompreneur, Hillary helps mompreneurs grow their business without growing their to-do list.

Episode Timestamps
01:47 Introducing Hillary
06:54 Difficult moments during her previous line of work
07:57 Duration of her previous career
08:55 Deciding to leave her job
11:03 Assessing the core values of Hillary’s clients
15:16 Hillary’s shifting core value assessment
19:58 Ultimately deciding to leave her job and pursue a coaching career 
23:48 Friends’ and family’s reactions
24:55 Overcoming the fear of not having a stable salary
27:25 Addressing her clients’ fears
29:21 Managing her new job and momhood
31:15 Does having strict boundaries help you be more productive 
32:17 Hillary’s tips on juggling work and family
34:43 Hillary’s morning routine
35:49 GSD (Get Shit Done) hour
40:52 Things Hillary learned about being a mompreneur
42:16 Finding her first client
45:19 Comparing her work life before and after her career shift 
46:43 Hillary’s social links

About Hillary
Hillary always knew she wanted to help people grow. When she graduated, she joined an employee development team within the HR department; she found helping people realize their potentials to be  fulfilling and meaningful. As she navigated changes in her own life - the birth of her children - she realized her priorities shifted and this led to the eventual departure from a corporate setting to starting her own business as a mother of two. Currently she provides training and consulting to business owners and leaders looking to increase the growth and revenue of their organization and develop a profitable online brand

Blog post is here
Where to find Hillary: Website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
Hillary's Core Values Assessment created for Work In Progress listeners


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