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WIPp 036 Karen Maloney From Events Management to Coaching

December 16, 2020 Dana & Angela
Work In Progress Podcast
WIPp 036 Karen Maloney From Events Management to Coaching
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Episode Timestamps
01:09 Introducing Karen
02:37 Did Karen always know she’d steer into coaching
05:48 Karen’s first time speaking to a group
09:37 How she got started with event management
15:20 What where the first days on the job like
16:20 For how long did she work as an event manager
23:46 Karen’s thoughts and actions after quitting her job
27:17 Why did she choose to come to the Americas?
28:59 Karen talks about her trip
32:12 The Tony Robins event that kickstarted it all
34:07 Highlights of the event
37:52 Finding her first clients
39:14 Bringing up the fact with her parents and friends that she wants to quit her stable job
41:10 Memorable moments throughout her career journey
48:08 Details about her coaching gig
49:44 Closing words

Karen's Career Change
From events manager to coaching

About Her
Karen helps clients on their awakening path to create lasting change from the inside out, by cultivating self-approval from within. By going on an inward journey, Karen helps women to harness self-mastery, attune to their own unique light, and become the conscious creators of their lives. From this internal place, she helps clients take ownership of their lives and follow aligned action in order to create their own version of success whether in career, relationships or life. It’s not always easy work, but it is the most powerful work we can do. 


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Amazon FBA
Costs relating to Amazon FBA
Owning her store is different from her degree
Time spent figuring out career switching