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WIPp 034 Claire Sellers: From Education Start-Up Director to Transformation Coach

November 18, 2020 Dana & Angela
Work In Progress Podcast
WIPp 034 Claire Sellers: From Education Start-Up Director to Transformation Coach
Show Notes

Claire's Career Change
Claire worked her way up over 8 years at an education startup to a senior leadership role in New York. Claire got the privilege of working at senior roles and got to try out remote work before it was common as today, but surprisingly, she was still unhappy. After taking a year to travel and work on her mindset, she realized "It's less about fixing issues but more about shifting as a personโ€. In the midst of getting offers to work as COOs, she realized that her true passion is to help other women reconnect with themselves and transform

Some simple steps from Claire if you're feeling like you have blinders on and can't seem to find enjoyment in your work, start by writing down what makes you feel joy, proud, and grateful every day! It sounds like the simplest thing and almost cliche but it has been proven by research that counting your blessings is a proven way to make you happier.

What is something that surprised you about your career change?
My path started unfolding for me with every step forward I took!

About Claire
Claire is a transformational career coach who helps women reconnect to themselves so they can start doing work they love and living life on their terms. After over a decade in New York City, Claire found herself in a place that is probably familiar to many of youโ€“STUCK. She had spent the better part of her professional career working long hours, climbing a corporate ladder, chasing titles and salary increases. Through a year-long journey around the world, she transformed her mindset and redesigned her life on her terms. Claire now lives in Mexico City and is the founder of Claire Sellers Coaching and creator of FreedomU, a four month transformational coaching journey for women ready to get off the hamster wheel and onto their sacred path of purpose and freedom.

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